Wednesday, 2 June 2010


We took advantage of the long weekend (Vesak day, 28th May Friday) and went to Bintan Island, Indonesia. There were 7 of us and we had a great time.

On the mangrove boat tour, we spotted several cat snakes and a reticulated python resting on the overhead branches. We visited Sei Kuning Primary School and gave the students badminton rackets, footballs and basketballs, stationery and bags.

We even managed to visit a toufoo making “factory” that produced most of the toufoo that went to wet markets, neighbourhood shops and event to the resorts. My favourite time was when we visited the seven elephants at Nirwana Resort. I have made friend with a beautiful and gentle elephant called “Emma” we bought bananas for her and posed for photos with her. She’s a beautiful, friendly and gentle elephant and I look forward to visiting her again.

In June, we are planning another trip 19th to 21st (Monday).

Nature and recycling was the focus of this trip and we saw a traditional village blacksmith transform a piece of steel from a car’s suspension to a useful strong parang (Machete) and pandan leaves woven into beautiful handbags and tissue holders. The company was fun and we had a good time.