Monday, 24 February 2014

Glowing green at Tampines ECO Green park!

It has been a hot but dry and breezy season for sometime and affected the plants and the our waterways.  A group of students from NUS who returned from their expedition trip to Northern Thailand, Chiangmai came to help to maintain the park.

It was such a great help from this group of students that had quickly removed the weeds.  On the whole of the activity, we spent 3 hours weeding and almost 5 hours to water the plants due to the weather.  We were glad that most of the sapling and trees we planted survived during the dry spell.  The grass are drying up and the trees and butterfly attracting plants are lack of water which is now a common sight in the parks and we put in our best effort to weed for about 3 hours and spent almost 5 hours to water the plants.

As we were packing up to leave the park, I realised that parts of the grass came alive!  It had changed into glowing green colour (photos below).

Thanks to all the students who came on the Saturday to help us!