Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Crocodile seen @ Sungei Buloh

Sungei Buloh is one of my favourite wetland parks. I live in Pasir Ris so I don't visit as often as I like to. My good friend Andrew Tay rekindled my interest when he told me he saw 2 crocodiles basking in the sun on one of his recent visits.

A couple of week ago, we visited Sungei Buloh with my photographer friend Arik Chan. We arrived and saw many birds, insects and water monitor lizards but no sign of the elusive croc.

After 2 hours of wondering around, we decided to take a walk at the mangrove board walk before departing. Halfway down the board, I got the powerful stench of rotting meat. I looked around and at the water's edge I saw what looked like a piece of driftwood and realised it was a croc when the “driftwood” opened it's mouth to much on what looked like a huge rodent!

We started taking pictures but the lighting was not good as there was a canopy of leaves blocking out the light.

Here are a couple of photos taken by Andrew (on his first visit) and Arik's of the croc enjoying his meal. Andrew's croc looks almost albino but it was sunning itself covered with mud to keep cool and insect free.

A friend of mine who visits Sg. Buloh frequently told me he saw a nest with more than 20 eggs and a mother croc vigilantly guarding her eggs. Probably 2 or 3 babies will survivie so hopefully it would be easier to spot crocs in their natural habitat in future.

Andrew is one of the most knowledgeble nature guides I know and if you want to arrange a nature walk, he can be contacted at and if you want to see more of Arik's great photos, contact him at



Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I read in the S.T. (16th Nov, home B1) an article entitled “Designer pooches are top dogs”. It's about how breeders are cross breeding certain dogs to produce “cute and cuddly” mutts.

Here's one I heard from my good friend, Juggi “What do you get when you cross breed a bulldog and a Shihtzu?” GIVE UP?




I recently saw on CNN that President Chavez of Venezuela intends to close down all the golf courses in his country. He called the sport “elitist” and “bourgeoisie” and I fully agree with him.

There are 32 golf courses in Venezuela (of which he has already closed 9) and there are about 25 golf courses in Singapore. Venezuela has a land area of 916445 sq km and Singapore 710 sq km.

Singapore is 1290 times smaller than Venezuela and yet has golf land that could build another 3 Nee Soon New Towns so the constant talk about land scarcity is pretty hollow.

We need more land for parks, playgrounds, sports and swimming pools and not golf courses reserved for a select few!

I have an on-going “Say no to golf courses” postcard campaign, if you need these postcards, please email me (


Friday, 13 November 2009

Volunteers needed for planting

The Green Volunteers, with support from Ricoh and NParks Fort Canning, are launching a butterfly garden at Fort Canning Park.

We need volunteers to help plant about 2,000 saplings on Saturday 28th Nov 2009 at around 8am in the morning. Staff from Ricoh and NParks will also help with the planting. We meet 7.45am sharp at City Hall MRT station control and take a ten minute walk to the park. Here's your chance to do something for nature and help our colourful friends to return to our parks.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

21st November 2009 – Free Guided Nature Walk Pasir Ris Park

When : Saturday 21st November 2009
Meet : 9am sharp, station control Pasir Ris MRT Station
If you want to attend this walk, please email me.

Duration : About 2 hours, flatland, through mangroves and vegetable/spice garden
Booking : Email with your name, mobile number and total number of people attending. First come first serve basis!