Friday, 13 November 2009

Volunteers needed for planting

The Green Volunteers, with support from Ricoh and NParks Fort Canning, are launching a butterfly garden at Fort Canning Park.

We need volunteers to help plant about 2,000 saplings on Saturday 28th Nov 2009 at around 8am in the morning. Staff from Ricoh and NParks will also help with the planting. We meet 7.45am sharp at City Hall MRT station control and take a ten minute walk to the park. Here's your chance to do something for nature and help our colourful friends to return to our parks.


  1. GOOD EVENING! My name is Afiqah,17, and I'm student who is very keen on this planting you have. The only issue is that I have another event on the same day, so may I know what time this planting event will end?
    Me and my friends were really keen on a similar event (except that one involved unplanting foreign plants that are threatening our local ones ^^) and I might be able to rope them in for this one.
    I look forward to your reply!
    Nurul Afiqah Bte Kamel

  2. Hi Nurul

    Thanks for your support. This planting event should end around 12 noon. You may email Grant ( if you can your friends can help.

    Thank you