Tuesday, 13 August 2013

MRT through MacRitchie

By now, most of you have heard that there is a proposal to run a MRT line through MacRitchie.  This will badly damage a pristine environment and destroy much biodiversity and is totally unacceptable.  There are alternate sensible plans to divert this proposed line so it will not impact this fragile and sensitive environment – this diversion will incur about an additional 7 km of rail and an extra 4 minutes in arrival time – a very small price to pay to avoid damaging this precious environment.

A study is presently being conducted to see the environmental impact on this area should these proposals go ahead.  To create more awareness and to educate the public on what we stand to lose, we are looking for young people to train as nature guides at MacRitchie.  This training will be done by Subaraj, a very experienced nature guide/trainer and a committed environmentalist.  All participants are expected to spend 3-4 hours on 2 weekends days a month, until at least December, at MacRitchie, talking to the public about the forest and making them aware of the actual truth of having the CRL going through the nature reserve.  Details of the first walk is as follows:

Date:  24th August 2013 (Saturday)
Time:  0830 hours – 1200 hours
Meeting place:  Junction of Adam Rd/Sime Rd (north side) at 8.30am

If you want to help save MacRitchie please email Subaraj (wildlifeconsultant@subaraj.com) directly.  Here’s your chance to do something hands-on and learn more about the varied and delicate biodiversity we stand to lose if this project goes ahead.