Monday, 10 May 2010


I recently wrote a comment to the Straits Time Forum about NEA’s plan to hire outside consultants to advise them on how to increase recycling.
My comments were of course not printed as it coincided with the opening of Shell’s new 4 billion dollar petro chemical plant at Pulau Bukom. Our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong officially opened this complex. He made a burp about saving the environment but safe guarding Singapore’s economy.
Anyway here’s the article I wrote ... enjoy!

dear sirs
i referto the above article wtitten by grace chua that appeared in the straits times may 4th page B2,.

the NEA should address the first of the 3 R,s[reduce reuse and recycle],if we reduce then the reuse and recycle part is automatically cut down.
plastic bags are a good example..we have a population of 5 million people and if we just use one less plastic bag a month thats a reduction 240000000[two hundred and forty million plastic bags saved] and that,s a lot of landfill saved not to mentioned toxic gases.

what we need to do is start charging for plastic bags at supermarkets and major retail outlets..if foreign owned stores like IKEA can start charging for plastic bags i don,t see why other other supermarkets can do the same..after all Ikea like all other retailers also have a bottom line to worry about...could it be that they care more about the environment than others?

some time ago a half hearted attempt was made to get shoppers bring their own bags[bring your own bag day] this was an exercise in futility because as soon as the campaign stopped the free plastic bags started flowing freely again.

this campaign should have been an introduction to a total ban on plastic bags and not a feeble and half hearted attempt to cut down the use of plastic bags.
i always wondered why an enlightened country like cannot charge for plastic bags[the money can go to our garden city fund to plant more trees and plants at our parks and open spaces] while many countries do .

even countries like taiwan ,bangladesh,rwanda and even somalia have banned these destructive bags...could it be that singapore being a major oil refining center could be pandering to the wishes of these oil giants?

Come on NEA don,t waste tax payers money on expensive consultants..bite the bullet and just say no to plastic know thats the right thing to do

grant w. pereira
the green volunteers

On the other subject of Shell petroleum, I recently came across a poster I made for the new Chairman of Singapore Environment Council before I resigned as Head of the Green Volunteers Network.